Anbieter: Schwabenmax Andrea Lütkemeier
Strasse: Kastanienallee 57
PLZ: 73092
Stadt: Heiningen
Land Deutschland
Phone EU
0049 7161 6564078
Phone USA+ Kanada
01149 7161 6564078
Telefax EU
0049 7161 6564018
Telefax USA+Kanada
01149 7161 6564018


Telefon or Telefax: International other primaries are needed in some countries.

Please inform yourself in their country. The area code for Germany is 49

Here will you found the right of recovation and the Recovationform

For extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes, the European Union has an online platform(ODR platform) set up which you can contact. You can find the platform under
We are not obligated or unwilling to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer-enforcement agency.