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Schwabenmax Bellypan for K1200R, Model Race.

Schwabenmax Bellypan for K1200R, Model Race.

Bellypan for K1200R, K1300R and K1200R Sport.


Bellypan fit for K1200R.
For an an elegant aggressive design on your K1200R.
Basic Model Bellypan Material: Fiberglass unpainted white Gelcoad including all holders and fastening in stainleess Steel and vibrationfree rubbernuts.
Adapted in design to the conditions, symmetrical lines.
Fit with and without original centerstand without modification.
Please tell us by order if you use no centerstand because the holderscrews.

Easy to dismantle During maintenance in parts .
The standard radiator cover left / right is omitted.
The basic model consists of 4 parts :
Side part Bellypan GFK left / right
The spoiler wedge and the underbody are made of V2A stainless steel sheet 0.8 mm.
The side vent inserts are V2A stainless steel frame with a 0.8 m and Aluminium Grills black anodised.

In real driving test with our own machine to our house test track A8 "Autobahn" speedometer well above 280 Km.
Even at top speed, no stir in the handlebar as it occurs without spoiler from 250km / h.
Without spoilers at best prerequisites 270/275 Km / h.

For large inclinations in conjunction with for example, simultaneous braking,
bumps bumpy road and / or 2 person operation / high load, it can happen that gets the spoiler on the side flanks ground contact .
To avoid serious damage, we provide the general spoiler with side caps.
They can be replaced inexpensively if necessary.
In addition, we recommend the installation of our rising kit for more ground clearance and significantly better handling
  • 100 % accurately
  • Top quality
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
  • TÜV parts certificate

Centerstand (original) used?  
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:Deliverytime in Workdays , after receive the Payment: DE 7 Days, EU 8-10 Days, World 20-23 Days
498,00 EUR
Quantity: Set
Bellypan GFK unpainted, V2A Stainlees Wedge, V2A Stainless Holderframe, VA Frame alugrills black, Side caps with screw in VA, complited Mountingset in VA.