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Coolride Grip Heating Deluxe PCU 5

Coolride Grip Heating Deluxe PCU 5

Cold hands when riding a motorcycle? Must not be!
Heated grip conversion for your bike.


Grip Heating Deluxe

Complete set incl. electronic power control

Grip Heating for Motorcycles.

This Part be constructed a set of heating cartridges which are mounted inside a motorcycle's steering handle bar.

The grip heating Deluxe comes with one of our electronic power control units.
This may either be the PCU-5 with 5 step power control, single button operation and an elegant bargraph display.

Or, even better, the PCU-5TC, wich additionally features an automatic temperature compensation.
This power control unit detects changing air temperatures and adjusts the power level accordingly.
Very comfortable during e.g. pass rides. Addprices: 25,00 Euro.

This superior heating system offers the following advantages:

• Invisible installation
• Powerful
• Crash proof
• Completely free of wear
• No messy cables, different from heated gloves or hot grips
• No negative safety impac
• Electronic power control
• Reliable & permanent (5 years warranty)
• Highly flexible silicone rubber cables, withstands temperatures from -50°C to +180°C, 100cm long
• Monolithic design, vibration proof
• Rock solid cast material with optimised thermal conductivity

Fits on almost all motorcycles.
Before purchasing:
Please check if installation is possible at your specific motorcycle!
Things like welded-in weight bars, guiding pins or other stuff that blocks the space inside the steering handlebar tube
has to be removed before the cartridges can be glued in.

We offer all technically feasible sizes.
If you need something beyond our standard portfolio or special advise, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The whole grip heating system is hand-made in Solingen, home of world famous cutlery.
Scope of Delivery:

  • 2 heating cartridges 80 mm long, 26 Watt each = 52 Watt system power
  • Power cords made from cold flexible and heat resistant silicone rubber, 100cm each
  • 1 power control unit of choice
  • 1 rubber grommet
  • 4 complete single pole connectors, complete with insulation sleeves
  • 1 package 2-component adhesive, heat-resistant
  • 1 installation instruction for heating cartridges
  • 1 installation instruction for power control unit

About the Options

select the diameter of the heating cartridges to ensure a snug fit in the steering handle bar.
The size you need to order is the inner diameter of your motorcycles steering handle bar rounded down to full mm.
Possible: 12-22mm (Standard)
Also can you tell me the Size by Order and we order the Part fit for your handle bar

• 17,9mm inner diameter = order size 17mm.
• 17,0mm inner diameter = order size 17mm.
• 16,9mm inner diameter = order size 16mm.

Installation preparation:
To mount handle bar end weights, hand guards, or similar stuff the heating cartridges can be equipped with an optional internal thread size M6 or M8 at their end .

Power control unit:
Select the power control unit of your choice.
Available are PCU-5 (5 steps) or PCU-5TC. for an Addprice 25.00€
This power control unit features also 5 steps plus an atomatic temperature compensatuion,
that re-adjusts the power level in 10 steps when the air temperature changes during your ride.
This power control unit detects changing air temperatures and adjusts the power level accordingly.
very comfortable during e.g. pass rides.

Control device:
For all of our power control units you may select between a waterproof (IP67) push button for panel mounting.
This requires a 12mm bore hole in the motorcycle's fairing, cockpit or a holder (not included) made from sheet metal.

As an alternative the power control unit can be ordered with a touch sensor, that is mounted unter the motorcycles plastic fairing.
This makes the control device invisible. A more clean installation is just not possible.
The touch sensor recognises the presence of your hand, even with thick winter gloves. Addprices: 65,00 Euro

The third alternative is only an option if a SiXO motorcycle computer is installed on your bike.
So, if you own one of these, you can replace the standard pushbutton and bargraph display by the motorcycle computer.
The PCU-5/TC is then controlled by SiXO's pushbuttons, the power information is displayed on SiXO's screen.
This option requires a SiXO with firmware version 3.0.5 (released on 23rd of March 2012) or later.

The pushbuttons of the handle heating systems Deluxe or the electronic power controllers PCU-5 and PCU-5TC are installed in the plastic cover of the motorcycle.
So far no problem.
It has been problematic so far, if the motorcycle has no cladding or a hole in the same is not desirable
In these cases, one of our holding kits now provides a remedy:
A minimalist, laser-cut and black anodized aluminum sheet creates a simple and elegant mounting option directly on the handlebars.
In order to lay the assembly level forward by 7.5mm, a black spacer sleeve is included. This is very helpful for handlebar fittings with countersunk hexagon socket screws.
The holding kit comes in 4 different forms for an Addprice from 14.50€.
  • straight, fits in about 90% of motorcycles
  • 45 ° angled
  • 90 ° angled
  • twice; takes 2 buttons, for e.g. a handle heating system and 1 seat heating

Constructed and made in Germany.

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:Deliverytime in Workdays , after receive the Payment: DE 7 Days, EU 8-10 Days, World 20-23 Days
219,95 EUR
Quantity: Set
Note: Not fit with barend indicator!
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